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The Norwegian Railway Academy (NJ) is the railway sector’s leading training- and competency centre, and a provider of railway specific training to the whole sector. The Academy focuses on quality and safety in all areas, and is ISO certified in accordance with standard 9001:2008 «Quality Management». 





The Academy includes a public vocational school, educating train drivers for the entire country. The education fulfils The Norwegian Railway Directorate’s standard for education and certification of drivers of traction vehicles within the national rail network. The vocational school is approved by The Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT). 


NJ also offers training of dispatchers and traffic controllers. In addition, trainees, skilled labourers and civil engineers get their basic and continuing education in the form of courses and training packages covering a range of railway subjects. Several of the courses are customised or offered locally all over the country.  


The quality of the Academy’s training is continually improved through close cooperation with the sector as well as evaluations from the Academy’s users. The need for railway related training has increased significantly in the last years. In 2016, over 9300 students and other participants completed one or more courses offered by NJ. 


The Academy’s strength lies in its interdisciplinarity, a useful trait when different departments coordinate their training, such as emergency exercises. These exercises can be performed in our integrated simulators or in the practice facility.  


NJ opened its doors in 2005 on commission from The Ministry of Transport and Communications. The Ministry wished to establish a uniform, forward-thinking and consolidating competency centre for the whole railway sector. They also wished to ensure equal opportunities for all actors in an increasingly competitive sector, and hence to be operator independent and neutral.  


The Academy employs up to date teaching methods such as e-learning. Using simulations and technical practice facilities during training increases safety in real-world train traffic. The Norwegian Railway Academy gives you the right skills, as well as quality and systematic safety. 


A historic commitment to the railway demands a historic commitment to railway competency. A vocational railway education is a great investment for the future! 



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