Simulator centre

The Norwegian Railway Academy’s training facilities include a 400 m² simulator centre. The simulator centre offers education with a practical and realistic approach. Here, train drivers and dispatchers can rehearse realistic situations without posing a hazard to people or equipment.

The simulator centre makes it possible to practice on potential aberrations that cannot be replicated in live installations.

Training in a simulator makes it easier to apply regulations to real life situations, which offers a unique opportunity for realistic learning.

The simulator centre comprises:

  • a train simulator
  • a traffic control simulator
  • an ERTMS simulator
  • an ATC simulator




The Train Simulator


Consists of 6 simulators. The train simulators can be used for both passenger and cargo train exercises. They can be used to practice most of the aspects of driving a train in Norway.

The train simulators are mainly used in the basic training of train drivers, as well as for continuous education and refreshment courses.


Traffic Control Simulator


This simulator is mainly used in the basic training of dispatcher novices, as well as the annual training for experienced train dispatchers, called Periodic Dispatcher Training (PTT).

There are three worktops for train dispatchers. The simulators may be run separately or in a joint scenario. The simulators can be used to practice most of the aspects that a dispatcher should be able to handle.


Desk Simulators (ERTMS Simulators)


ERTMS simulators are used to practice specific subjects, mainly related to the train driver education and railway signalling. Any imaginable track and situation can be recreated. The scenarios may be «freezed» at certain points during the exercise, to ask questions or supply information within the context of the current simulation. The desks can be applied to either ERTMS or conventional signal installation mode.


ATC Test Bench


The ATC test bench includes real train equipment and a computer program that «tricks» the ATC computer into thinking it’s driving a train at various speeds and conditions. The machine will react and give information as if it was on a real train. The test bench is used for training and research into ATC. The Norwegian Railway Academy’s equipment is able to test ATC on a planned track, or copy part of an existing track. Fictional tracks may also be created in order to gain a thorough basic understanding of the ATC system.

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