The simulator centre

At the acadmy’s state of the art simulator center, personnel can train on all kinds of scenarios without endangering people, damaging rail equipment or disturbing the general traffic. The 400 square meter training facility offers train drivers and traffic controllers an opportunity to train in a safe environment, providing the best possible training for real life situations.

What makes this center unique in Europe is the option of running the two different simulators together in the same scenario, so that the six train drivers can interact with the three traffic controllers in real time. In this mode, the train drivers are the required to respond and immediately adapt to the directions given by the traffic controllers, ensuring a more realistic experience of the actual work relationship. 




Train simulators 

The academy hired the Australian company Sydac as project manager for the simulator center as a whole, and the company has also provided the technical installations for the six train simulators.  The Swedish company MSE Weibull supplied the physical driver cabins which are exact copies of the Airport Express Train (Flytoget). Even if the simulators look exactly like the trains used by the Airport Express Train, the simulators can also operate in a freight train mode, giving them the driving style and handling of a heavy freight train. The Airport Express Train has an ownership share of 15 percent of the train simulators, and the company uses the simulators for refresher courses for their drivers. 


Traffic control simulators

The traffic control simulators is a scaled copy of the Oslo traffic control central and consist of three work stations. The simulators are used as a part of the education program of traffic controllers and in an annual repetition course for traffic controllers. The three work stations are delivered by the British company TRE, The Railway Engineering Company.     

Trailer about the academy

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